‘Photography by JS’

Photography by JS;

sophie portrait2;Offering a unique twist to the world of professional photography and imaging, ‘Photography by JS’ is a new exciting and bespoke photography service.

Photography by JS is professional, original and most certainly, affordable. Using the latest in HD photography equipment and JS specific digital imaging techniques, images achieved stand out, unlike any others.

From marketing & advertising to portraits, actor head-shots, weddings & newbornsfamily get-together’s, fashion/modelling and corporate/promotional events, Photography by JS offers the highest in quality and professional service within the region.

on location film shoot;

A full range of JS photography, can be seen via this link

For more information on the bespoke or basic Photography by JS packages, or for a pricing structure, contact Jordon Sendall of J.S. Studios at jordonsendall@hotmail.com



‘SWITCH’ – World online premiere

Tonight has seen the release of short indie film ‘SWITCH’ onto the world wide web.

The film is viewable via the youtube link below.

Any comments or feedback would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

‘Original Indie Cinema’ ( JS Studios promo 2013)

My latest short project, is the promotion of JS Studios and my work, whilst also promoting ‘Original Indie Cinema’.

A brief explanation of the project below,

A promotional video for ‘original indie cinema’ & the visual media work from JS Studios.
Jordon Sendall has turned his attention now to conducting a good working ethic, and a high standard of visual media presentations. 2013 is all about the promotion of ‘original indie cinema’. This term is given to any indie film project, unique and free from major funding, however indie’s sometime do receive high funding & distribution.
This is all about promoting the work going on within JS Studios, as well as celebrating, local, indie film making as an art form, and viable platform for actors to be proud of their work.
Indie’s get a lot of stick from those within comfortable positions within the industry, & such is the case, that many good indie film projects never see the light of day.
In terms of this promo, included is various shots of unreleased film work, as well as a collection of older shots, and a fair bit of footage from upcoming, soon to be released, short film, ‘Switch’.
It’s intention is that of lightheartedness and fun, and has been a pleasant distraction from the final ‘Switch’ edit.
Music by Patrick Lee – “Quittin’ time”

Meanwhile, work on short film ‘Switch’ continues, and a solid release date should be announced shortly, as the film is already a month overdue, but lateness is a characteristic of mine, after all.

Other than that, I have a great many other film projects lined up, as soon as Switch is finished, of which I am excited for.

Switch: a teaser clip (preview)

having edited a fair bit of ‘Switch: a tale of Humility & Despair’ – I was quite fond of this short exchange between Danny & Ben. This is one of the more calm scenes of the film, in which Danny has just found out he & Ben are being hunted by local thugs.

Switch is due for release mid June/early July.

Meanwhile, I am currently working on various other film projects, in between work & social activities.

These include ‘Decline’ & ‘aint dead yet’, with more news on ‘aint dead yet, to follow shortly this week.

Switch: Official Trailer (a short film)

amongst all my busyness, I’ve sort of neglected my wordpress blog.
So without much ado, here is the latest trailer for the film project i’m currently working on, ‘Switch: a tale of humility & despair’.

Switch; short film production update

Just checking in to write an update in relation to the short film, i’m currently producing ‘Switch’.
Filming is ongoing, having cast the roles, and written the script. For quite a small scale production, I’ve been amazed with the reception, and peoples attitudes towards helping out.
The film is around 80% finished in terms of filming, while I await all footage to begin a proper edit. Switch is being filmed in various locations all around Norfolk, and because of this, I am able to work with such great Norfolk talent, as in actors and crew members. This is something I wouldn’t normally get to do, so it’s a welcome change.

This weekend just gone, we filmed at actor ‘Paul Goldsmiths’ house, of which, I am truly grateful for his hospitality, and patience. The weekend was a packed weekend full of nonstop filming, as I had to drive towards Wyndham (30/40 minutes drive away), for both the Saturday & Sunday. The Sunday we filmed the most ‘Tarantino-esque’ scenes in the film, which took place in a remote field out in the middle of nowhere. For this Max Rudd & Gary Crowe were excellent, in their roles. Very convincing, and I had chills just watching them bring my characters to life. In fact, I’ve been so excited by the entire production. Watching these actors bring characters I’ve written, to life, it’s a feeling I don’t think you actually fully get over. it’s great.

Filming continues next week and on into May, with next Tuesday, filming scenes at ‘The Red Herring’ pub, in Great Yarmouth. For this, I am so grateful to Darren, pub landlord for allowing the use of such a wonderful location. Also to Marie Setchell for suggesting it.

Infact, my thanks to all those involved, in the production, they’ve all been so wonderful, and we’re not even finished yet. It’s a pleasure to work with such like minded people. Really is.

The film has also been submitted onto IMDB, which you can view more details here.

Production stills –